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AromaSpray – Lemon Cedar

Aromaspray® is a concentrated formula made of 100% pure and natural premium grade essential oils. Can be used safely at home, in the car and in the office. It instantly eliminates all odours and provides a unique olfactory experience.

Lemon Essential Oil is is known for its antibacterial and focus-improving properties.

Cedar Essential Oil is obtained by steam distillation of Virginian Juniperus, a Pinaceae family tree found in the United States. Cedar wood was widely used by the Egyptians for the embalming of mummies, and today for its relaxing respiratory properties.

These two Essential Oils, combined with the other Essential Oils of the AROMASPRAY ® – LEMON CEDAR formula, create a fresh and dynamic atmosphere while purifying any environment.


100% Vegan Formula      0% Sulphates
0% Silicones                      0% Parabens


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How to use :

Spray into any room or area to freshen. We suggest only one (1) spray per area of 10m³ room.  Bottle is 100% recyclable.
Do not use near children under 3 or pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Aromaspray® is free of colourant, preservatives and propellant gas.

Ingredients : ethanol (71% v/v), essential oils: basil, cedar, lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit, patchouli.
Contains: b-pinene, dl-limonene(racemic), estragole.

2 reviews for AromaSpray – Lemon Cedar

  1. Elizabeth Kearns

    I found this to be stimulating, invigorating and uplifting, reminding me of the aroma of a forest on a bright, crisp day.

    To me, this scent falls into the category of slightly masculine and dominant. In my opinion, this fragrance would work best in boys’ bedrooms, games rooms, home offices, hallways, cloakrooms, vestibules, garages, sheds and motor vehicles.
    It would also be a lovely gift for the discerning and house proud male.

  2. Helen Mills

    Love this scent! Fills my whole house with the perfume of fresh cedar wood. Even my two sons love it and will happily let me spray their bedrooms with it and my husband uses it in his home office!
    Cannot recommend it enough to keep a busy home smelling as fresh as spring cleaning day every day

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