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Déovert – Tonic

Déovert® is a long lasting body deodorant which meets the need of keeping fresh.

Aluminium free, it counteracts smells of sweat before it wafts without altering the natural process of sweat.

Déovert® Tonic has been tested for perfect tolerance. This product contains 100% pure and natural premium grade essential oils: cedar, lemon, lemongrass, orange, grapefruit, pine and rosemary in solution in a vegetable origin alcohol derived from beet. Ethanol strength is 65% of the volume.


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How to use :

Spray on armpit or anywhere needed when needed. Only spray on a healthy skin.
Do not spray on a damaged or irritated skin.

Déovert is:
Colorants, preservatives, silicones, Parabens and animal cruelty FREE.
Completely invisible. Not staining or leaving white residue

Precautions: Flammable product. Do not spray near naked flame or flammable objects. Keep away from all flames and ignition source. Do not smoke during or after spraying. Do not inhale immediately after spraying. Do not spray near the eyes, onto the skin or into the nose or mouth. Do not swallow. Do not use this product for any other purpose than that intended. The essential oils contained within this product may cause an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Ingredients : ethanol, aqua, triethyl citrate, cedrus atlantica, citrus aurantium, citrus limonum, lavandula hybrida, cymbopogon flexuosus citrus paradisii, pinus sylvestris, rosmarinus officinalis, perfume, tocopherol (limonene terpenelinalol farnesol citral pinene cineole hydoxycitronellal lilial benzyl benzoate benzyl salicylate: constituents naturally present in essential oils).


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