Brand New: Tea Tree – Ravintsara

Brand New Aromaspray : Tea Tree-Ravintsara. Award Winning Saint Côme Essential Oils now available in the UK!


The 1st of November Saint Come UK is offering the solution you have been waiting for years to keep you bug free all winter. This new Aromaspray is called Tea Tree- Ravintsara. This exclusive synergy of essential oils is unique on the market!

Brand New – Latest Product, this special combination of essential oils is only available here!

Most People Know About Tea Tree

Most of you are familiar with Tea Tree and know almost by heart its many benefits such as:

  • Top antibacterial essential oil,
  • Fight Acne and Other Skin Conditions,
  • Improve Dry Scalp, Soothe Skin Irritations,
  • Fight Bacterial, Fungal and Viral Infections,
  • Help to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance,
  • Relieve Congestion and Respiratory Tract Infections,
  • Help Treat Head Lice,
  • Help Treat Scabies,
  • Improve Bad Breath,
  • Natural household cleaner
  • There are many more

Tea Tree


Do you know as much about Ravintsara?

Ravintsara is a tree which is mainly growing in Madagascar the big Island East of Africa. The name Ravintsara means in Malagasy “the tree with the good leaves”. For them, Ravintsara is the medicine with a thousand virtues. You can swallow, inhale or apply it on your skin to defeat infections, diseases, strain or even hepatitis.

The essential oil of Ravintsara is made of the leaves of the tree and is known by the specialists to be an incomparable essential oil because of its many benefits.

  • Treats Infections. Treat wounds, cuts, cold sores and infections because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Reduces Inflammation like shingles.
  • Eases nervous tension.
  • Relieves Headaches.
  • Cures Insomnia.
  • Alleviates Respiratory Congestion: Respiratory problems like congested sinuses, asthma, and even a viral cold can hamper your ability to breathe properly. Clear up those clogged sinuses and choked airways by inhaling its fragrance.
  • Reduces Soreness: to fight colds and infections. This will give you a much better chance of avoiding viral colds, pneumonia, and even influenza.
  • Builds Immunity.
  • Antitussive properties that help relieve cough and soothe the throat to fight colds and infections.
  • Reduces Depression: the pleasant smell of Ravintsara essential oil in aromatherapy helps uplift a person’s mood and energizes his mind and spirit. Practicing aromatherapy every morning with the help of the oil stimulates and detoxes the mind and body, allowing you to focus and concentrate better at work.
  • There are many more that you can discover by yourself.

Best of Both Worlds

On their own Tea tree and Ravintsara are incredibly powerful, but blended together for this unique synergy of essential oils is a no brainer for this winter weather – to prevent or help to heal recovery from a flu or a cold. In France it is a best seller every winter.

This synergy is made of 100% pure and natural premium grade essential oil. The alcohol used is undenatured, unlike those used by most producer of room sprays, meaning free of any chemical. The recyclable bottle is made of recycled materials. The fitted air pump is offering a lot of security against leaking.

In a nutshell Tea Tree Ravintsara is going to become your best partner to keep you and your family bug free all winter.

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Brand New – Latest Product, this special combination of essential oils is only available here!

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