January Blues


Monday the 21st of January was the beginning or almost the end of the infamous Blue Monday that everybody was talking, writing and moaning about including us. Except for the moaning.

Why are we not moaning about it?

Because we believe we can put an end to this Blue Monday and every single Monday Blues of your life.



Because Mother Nature gave us not only the tools but also the weapons to do so.
That’s a bit arrogant, isn’t it?
We’ll see.

The weapons Mother Nature we are talking about are the herbs and the plants surrounding us. Event better the Essential Oils which are made from them and are known to be very powerful active principals. Sometimes far more powerful than famous synthetic drugs without undesirable side effects.
What are the symptoms of a Monday blues?

Apparently, it’s a combination of weather, low motivation levels, lack of energy and of desire to do the things which were obvious before without even thinking about like leaving the bed or the house. Sometimes It is the sign, if it’s lasting longer, of “Seasonal Depression” or “SAD”. In that case scenario you need to go to see your GP.

Other symptoms could be anxiety, depression, mood changes, over-eating and insomnia.

How to avoid Monday Blues?

Having a good night sleep on Sunday night is a start. Going to bed early, not watching TV too late-except for Superbowl, or spend time in front of computer. You know about blue light don’t you?

If you are twisting and turning in your bed, what about creating a bed ritual? It is going to prepare your good night sleep. A bit of nice slow, romantic music, spraying some Pillow Mist on your pillow and in your bedroom.

The essential oils in our Pillow mist are: Geranium known to have a calming and relaxing, Lavandin is calming, anxiolytic and sedative, Lemongrass is vasodilatator helping the blood to flow better, sedative and fighting anxiety, Mandarin is calming and sedative, Marjoram is very efficient to prevent mood swings, drop downs, irritability and sedative, Sweet Orange is a great help to relax, to calm stress, in case of sadness, to see the positive side, to let go, to overcome fear and to sleep and Ylang Ylang soothing, relaxing and an aphrodisiac.

We have other synergies of Essential Oils which are going to help you to bury Monday Blues once and for all!


Uplifting effects that awaken the senses. Energises body and mind. Mood enhancer (helps to rid you of bad moods and winter blues). Provides clarity to the mind. Helps to overcome feelings of confusion and un-motivation. Helps to combat fatigue. Good nervous regulator and will be useful in case of stress, this essential oil will keep up your tonus and will be very effective to fight against tiredness or burnout or if you are feeling down. it will give you a boost thanks to its anti-stress properties, it is effective to relieve anger and help overcome fears.


Helps to alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. Energising and elevates moods while calming the spirit. Emotionally balancing. Evokes feelings of happiness and warmth. Helps to reduce insomnia


Although this essential oil is traditionally used for inducing-sleep, it’s actually one of the most uplifting essential oils thanks to its ability to calm anxiety and nerves. Its balancing properties make it great for revealing calm and helping you feel a little happier and and at ease. Great sleep aid helping to reduce insomnia. Helps to reduce feelings of depression, sadness as well as anxiety. Mood enhancer. Evokes feelings of warmth and calmness. Helps with mental clarity and insight, Assists with self-confidence, Energizing and uplifting, Anti-depressant, and helps with stress relief.

Hô wood/ Brume des sens

Positive, relaxing, promotes relaxation of the nervous system, Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressive, anti-stress, helps relieve depressive disorders (mild and temporary depression) and calm anxiety and anxiety through has its relaxing, euphoric and energising virtues. It will help you in case of intellectual overwork or nervous fatigue and stimulate your libido as well.

Roman Chamomile/ Pillow Mist

Recommended for treating neural disorders, irritability, nervous breakdown and stress as it regulates the nervous system, calms and relaxes.

Neroli/ Pillow Mist

Antidepressant, antihypertensive, reinforce the vital energy and sedative. One of the most expensive essential oil.

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All these essential oils are easily available for you to use and stop these stupid Blue Mondays or Monday’s Blues or any situation you feel bad, depressed, tensed. Moreover all these room sprays are going to make your house, your office or your car smell lovely.

One day Christian Dior asked the person who was working for him: “Make me a fragrance that smells like love”,

That’s what we do!

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